Thursday, August 7, 2008

Day Seven and still havin fun

Good Thursday morning friends,
Here's a photo of my tags for prices on my stuff. I will show you some stuff tomorrow, you will not believe how much I have...maybe you will!
Day six surprise was I got KIT! She is so pretty and I got the laundry day set which comes with a small wringer washer, a clothes drying rack, an iron and ironing board....too cute, can't believe I got this, it is really over the top. Oh well...humor me.
Our a/c is on the fritz, so it has been warm here. Hopefully it will be fixed today. The unit is just 3 years old, since our fire. The fire was started in the hv/ac unit so we are a bit leary of problems now. We have owned our home for 20 years...we are the original owners....and we have had 3 hv/ac units! I think that is too many.
Keep cool

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Carrie Anne said...

At least cooler weather is coming!! Loving your birthday month posts:)