Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Day 12 and What is Facebook?

Fresh basil from our garden
Good Wednesday friends,
This is a day 12 recap. I had several good things happen on day 12
1) went to lunch and toured the new Marriot Hotel in downtown Raleigh...very nice!
2) Learned I had friends on Facebook who added me to their list and so I signed up too....
3) Had several friends write on my "wall" thanks and hi to them all!
4) "Chatted" on line for the very first time with dear friend Michelle!!!
So all-in-all, I had a lovely day.
Now....what the heck is Facebook? I have no idea how to begin to use this new internet tool, which, by the way, looks fun and awesome....but, what do I do??? There are so many new gadgets and do dahs out there it is overwhelming to this child of the 60's (mid-century, I believe is the term used these days....)
Hope you are mastering your internet world....

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Zee said...

Hey Cathy,
Facebook is just a way to connect with people. You can find people from high school, your work place, old work friends. it used to be just used by teenagers, but no more. Facebook is mostly writing on people's walls, adding applications and inviting other friends to add the same application (play scrabble, send flair, send free gifts). You can chat on there, too, now. I have an account by the way, so add me!

This is L from Eva Perry Library.