Saturday, September 13, 2008

Almost High Noon

Good Saturday morning friends,
I have been procrastinating, with lots of good reasons. I have been piddling around, with plenty of time. I have been doing bits and pieces, without delving into the whole pie. TODAY IS D DAY. I have the good fortune to be married to a man who is such a hard worker and he is so kind to always be available when I need his help! So today, dh and I will tackle the monster that is named "My tea stuff". We will lug, pile, sort, trash, re-arrange, move, shove, heft, tug, transfer, haul, place, unload and re-arrange once again!!! I have been working piece meal (is that how that is spelled?) on the storage unit for almost 2 weeks, and have gotten alot done, but I really need help and thank goodness for Paul. So, I am up and will fix him a good breakfast and then we are out to work. Tomorrow we will load it up and take it over to the antique mall, then unload and next week I will work on fluffing everything. Oh, I also did an inventory of every single item and it's cost. Pictures coming, promise.
It is supposed to be in the 90s today, but dry, thank goodness again. I am thinking of those folks on the gulf and praying they are safe. We have been through a bad hurricane and it is not fun....for weeks. Gosh, we have been through a fire and a hurricane.

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