Sunday, September 14, 2008

Attack of the "Killer STUFF"

Good Sunday morning friends,
I did promise pictoral proof of my is Paul sitting amidst a sea of "stuff". His job was to haul it out of the bowels of the storage unit to the light of day, where I would sort into: Keep, give away, sell at my shop, sell to tea shop owner and finally....toss (that was the 5th category....1)keep, 2)give, 3)sell, 4)sell, and 5)toss ) I still have about 20 boxes that I didn't get to , but now that we have accomplished this much, the rest will be a breeze! Here's another view with Miss Eula lounging in my sweet antique wicker tea cart....both are going to my shop to sell....hate to do it, but Miss Eula is a people-person and she has hated being cooped up in this storage unit with no one to flirt off she goes to Fuquay, hope she makes tons of new friends!
On our way to late lunch...or early dinner...we passed a gas station selling regular at $4.09! Yesterday, Friday, it was up to over $5 a gallon, is that awful????? We both have a bit less than half a tank, but will wait to see it come down under $4 (you can click on any picture to enlarge)

We ate here, a great restaurant with a huge menu, lovely decor and great service. Notice the sky! It was 90 outside

Paul sure looks pooped here. He worked very hard in a very hot space, thank you sweet baboo!

This is MY dinner, salisbury steak with mushrooms and potatoes and gravy. I think I might have to begin changing what I eat, as the Dr. says my numbers are a bit this was a big splurge, I drank water and had no dessert tho!

So, today we load up the truck and the W and head to the shop where we will unload and I will begin the task of fluffing and marketing all my wonderful stuff...will share photos as I progress.
Hope you are enjoying a restful Sunday, we are going to be very busy....

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Amanda Chamberlain said...

Keep up the good work, Cathy!
You are making great progress. Call me if you start to panic and need some help. I am great at getting rid of stuff - I think it might be a spiritual gift of mine ;)