Thursday, September 4, 2008

I like Sarah

Here's some of the reasons I like Sarah

1) She is NOT a Senator

2) She is NOT a lawyer

3) She is NOT Ivy League Educated

4) She is NOT a "good ol boy"

5) She is NOT a Washington insider

6) She is a wife, mother, daughter, sister

7) She is an excellent public speaker

8) She looks great in skirts

OK, so this list may seem trivial to you lacking issues of great importance...all those things we already know....but folks, honestly, I was sick of the DC crowd running things and felt very disinfranchised until Sarah. She's kind of like that Jimmy Stewart movie..."Mr. Smith Goes to Washington". See, I am from Missouri, the home state of a common fellow named Harry, who broke into national politics at a time when he was completely overshadowed by the political insiders....Harry had little experience, heck he didn't even have a college education....but, he was a great man who loved his wife and daughter and his country. He was a man of his word and honest too. Harry Truman served his country well, then went home to Independance and lived the rest of his life....well, I see Sarah as kind of like Harry except she is a she....she is a Republican, she is college educated and experienced too...she is fantastic! A person we can all admire. I think alot more highly of John McCain after his choosing Mrs. Palin as a running mate, he is pretty sharp. I would love to see a big change in Washington and I think Sarah is up to the task. Go girl!




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Amanda Chamberlain said...

I'm with you, Cathy. I was feeling sort of ho hum about McCain until he chose her as his running mate. I think that was the smartest move he has made yet. I can vote for him with some enthusiasm now.