Thursday, September 18, 2008

The booth !

Good Thursday Friends!
Here's a shot of the little spot before I got it all fluffed. ^

This is another pre-fluff shot from a different angle. (above)

Well, here's how it looks all done, but already I see things I need to change...oh me. At least it is almost all priced and tagged and I can take a break. HOpefully this weekend I will make some sales.....

More photos of the space. It is very small and I have a bunch in there, I do hope it shows off well enough. We will see...

I probably should have taken some photos of other booths. Some of them are much larger and very impressive. I just want to make enough to pay for the rental and make some $ and get rid of this stuff and maybe become rich and famous too. (smiling here)
Saw my sweet Chinese Dr. today, she is always upbeat and so very nice to me. "It's yo body" is her favorite saying and after telling me her opinions on the state of my health and hearing my thoughts on the subject, she always smiles and says: "It's yo body!" How can I argue with that??? Can I loose 30 lbs? That might solve all my woes...but that is not easy to do. The dh needs to loose the same 30 lbs. wonder if we can work on it together??? still, not easy for a couple who enjoy their food!
I went out to my beautician Ms. Beverly Booe! got me a Booe-do (the e is silent!) another perm, which is quite curly right now. cannot touch it for 48 hours...strict orders. Ms. Booe is tougher than Dr. Zhang!
Well, now I can relax a bit. Am attending a tea on Sunday, will take photos as it should be over the top!!!


missmari said...

Cathy, you totally amaze me with all you accomplish. You are one fantastic cuz! I dearly love you and since I now can finally "comment" again I will.(don't ask, my pc skills left me for awhile!) Your booth and your entire month of August are just awe inspiring. Such talent! Love you cuz,

Joyce Mineer said...

Can you give me directions - say from maybe the Sanford area? I'm husband-less ALL weekend and boss-less all next week! A PERFECT time to sneak out... And from the pictures you've provided, it looks perfectly cozy, and a little reminiscent of your booth at the fair grounds! Best of luck with this new endeavor my friend!!

Cathy said...

Hey Joyce,
I thought it reminded me of that spot too!...only much smaller even than that!

Cathy said...

Thank you dear Tina!