Wednesday, September 3, 2008

And the BIG news is.....

Tea Room "Stuff"

Good Wednesday morning friends,

Thanks to many of you who commented last post, it is very nice to know someone is out there reading my blog, altho I admit, writing is very theraputic (SP??).

1. Summer, your little baby boy is how old already??? Many congratulations and felicitations and when can I come visit???? time sure flies

2. Amanda, I will gladly give you any assistance on sewing that I can...after being a school (home-ec) trained seamstress over 45 years ago, I have not developed many skills beyond those first learned at an old singer....but I will be there for ya!

3. Joyce, you run girl.

So, now for the news....

I did it, I rented a booth in an antique mall and will spend this week getting into my tea room stuff in storage and hopefully getting it to the space so it will find a home in someone else's life! This is a big step because somewhere in the back of my heart I was holding onto the dream of the tea room being revived and re-visited. But, that was a dream and you can never go back. My shop in Durham was a complete blessing from beginning to end. A dream come true, a prayer answered, a gift from a loving Father and I will never be able to Thank Him enough for allowing me to fulfill my dream. Now, it is over and I need to turn my head and heart to other ventures and this space is the first really big step in that direction away from the past and toward the future. Pretty good idea for my 60s.

Last night I dreamed I had gone to High School with Tom Cruise and we were hanging out together. We were having a good time visiting old places and seeing his parents...wierd. I also dreamed I was in a huge church choir wearing a flowing choir robe when I noticed I had it on backward, so I was raising the robe over my head in order to turn it around when I also noticed I had just my underwear on underneath and the choir was beginning to march onto the stage in front of the whole congregation...with me with my robe up over my head....I couldn't see where I was going and oh it was hilarious, I woke up laughing. Isn't that a great way to start your day????

I will be busy today that a word? stuff to put in the shop. Now, I am a bit apprehensive as to if I have enough stuff....I think so.....more later




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