Saturday, September 6, 2008

Hanna-Hype...or Big Brother is here

The Birthday Girl*
Good Saturday morning friends,

I have had my opinion, my "gut" feelings...but now, all are confirmed! Dh and I both agreed more than 3 years ago that we would refrain from watching any television because we felt it was a very dangerous instrument of mind control. Does that sound wack-o to you?? Well, we decided together and didn't go on a rampage or vent our beliefs, they were agreed upon in a family decision and not meant to be any kind of "statement". We felt better when our minds were not bombarded with subtle influences.....

But, we wanted to see Sarah and hear and see the Republican convention...well, let me tell you....we are totally RIGHT. WE CALLED IT FOLKS....BIG BROTHER HAS ARRIVED! G. Orwell was spot on, folks KILL YOUR TV!!! Now, with the approaching Hanna, it was crazy how much it was hyped, how often we had interruptions, both on tv and radio, the gov. held many press conferences, we were instructed on what to have in our emergency kits, evacuation processes, evac routs, what to have for our pets...on and on and on....give me a break. I am so totally bored with this Hanna mess it isn't funny. We are all running around getting "ready" like a bunch of mind-numbed mice, it is pathetic. My neighbor lives alone and she yelled at me across the street, "I am off to the store to get something....I have water already, don't know what else I should be getting". I was bringing in a 15 lb. bag of russet potatoes I had just bought at Sam's (don't ask me what we will do with 15 lbs of potatoes...they are so pretty and cheap too...lots of baked potatoes) anyway, I was carrying that huge bag of spuds and I replied, "Well, I have the potatoes!" We both laughed and headed our separate ways....we have had rain, a little bit of wind and that is it! There is some flooding in low-lying areas is Ike. I am not tuning on the tv, and will hold off on the radio too....

Happy 13th b day Jazmine Sky Breen*, we love you and are proud of the young woman you are becoming!




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