Monday, September 22, 2008

Orange is "IN"

Good monday evening friends....
yes, orange is "in" and doesen't it look good with blue??? I have discovered a new fondness for orange that I thought I lost decades ago....who knew? This is our front door wreath.
Of course Target has these wonderful door-mats for each season...I do think this fellow is very friendly looking and Fiona is keeping her eye on him too!

The pumpkin in the urn is ceramic and very real looking, says "Welcome Friends" kinda hokey, but I like there! See the cute little crow flying above the pumpkin? I am liking crows too.

The lamp needed to be taller, so we got out a few old books, looks nice, huh? Those sillouettes are of me, my brother and sister...very vintage....

Another crow and more orange!

Yet more orange...our trees are not yet turning but there's lots of color inside!

This is a neat carved pumpkin or the kitchen and blue....way cool.

Your first Christmas sighting!!! A new teapot from England called "A Fine Romance"...adorable! New St. Nick too (thank you HomeGoods)

More orange and blue with a great artichoke candle holder....

This is a very old tea cart and more great gourds and small again

Here's more crows...I will admit that the one is from the Dollar Tree!!! The other with a votive is from the print.

More orange and blue, there is a theme going here.

I love real-looking artificials, they are a good investment. If I have real flowers I usually cut whatever I have in the yard. Around Christmas I do use roses from Sams club, but I like the look of the artificials and I use them everywhere...they never die on you and always look good even if you NEVER water them! I have been drying my hydrangeas. They look wonderful, blues and pretty and they last a long time dried.
Well, I took alot of pictures just to show you a bit of my autumn decor, hope you enjoyed the "tour"


Anonymous said...

So "homey" and nice ....I feel like I just popped in for a visit...LOVE the orange and the blue combo...

Cindy ~ My Romantic Home said...

I'm in love with your blue door and the blue awning!!! That is just too cute.

Some_myrrh said...

How lovely! You would have liked the flowers at Pip's party: all oranges, yellows, and reds. I love autumn, and I love how you've paired blue with orange to make a great "pop" for fall color. The green & red of Christmas shouldn't be the only set of opposites on the color wheel we see all year. (Well, I guess you can sort of see it with Lent's purple and Easter's gold, but not at the same time).

Hope y'all had a great weekend.