Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Did you miss me?

Good September Morning friends,

Well, my last post was in the middle of August and I bet you are a bit curious as to where I have been.....nothing exciting or even amusing to regail you , just a bummed computer for a while, then a bit of a bummed me...then this last week the dh and I spent the entire week camping at the lake close to home...but oh so far away! I "lost" my digital camera...then "found" that prize once again, but too late for any photos of the wonderful campsite we shared. We worked very hard, but also relaxed completely. We laughed and argued and ate and drank and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, a real treat for us both and now....normal life begins again (whatever that is?) We had our trusty radio, so kept up with the news and were thrilled with the VP choice of Sen. McCain! Our children gave us a portable DVD player and the season 3 of PrisonBreak, so we were well entertained while we were roughing it.

Seems as if the air has cooled...how amazing, just one day and the heat of summer is out of the way. It is still going to get hot, but not that furnace feel. Have a whole lot of green tomatoes on the vine which I hope will ripen a bit as would love to enjoy them ripe and juicy.

Today, well it is no longer the birthday celebration, so the treating is over! But, I am going to begin something....will share tomorrow, if everything works out! Today I pick up my youngest...Sarah Breen....and she will go with me to check things out and give an opinion. If all goes as I am hoping, then we will begin a process.....well, more on that tomorrow. I hope you are planning something to being this season.





Phoenix Berries said...

You have certainly piqued my interest, Cathy. Hope all is well with you. We're enjoying our baby boy. He's 7 weeks now! and so cute. I'm drinking tea again in quantity, so I think of you a lot.


Amanda Chamberlain said...

Yes, I missed you. It's wonderful to have you blogging again. I'm glad you enjoyed camping. We had a marvelous time in Asheville and a lovely tea at Chelsea's which I will tell you about another time. You have inspired me to begin a sewing project. I borrowed my mother's old machine and I'm going to attempt to sew a dress for Lily. I think it's been since high school home ec that I've sewed anything, so I may be begging for your help in a week or so. Have a great week!

Joyce Mineer said...

Miss you??? I had my keys in my hand and was heading out the door to scour Jordan Lake for my buddy and her dh!!! Are you kidding me??? And this teaser of a post? I won't sleep a wink tonight thinking about what you could POSSIBLY be up to! I sincerely hope you had a WONDERFUL birthday and were surrounded by those who love you most!!!! I bet I'll be your first reader tomorrow morning - don't keep me waiting too long!