Tuesday, September 9, 2008

My walk on the wild side

This is what our house looked like on March 10, 2005 *

Here's what your "stuff" looks like after a fire.... *
Good Tuesday "afternoon" friends,
I am a bit late in blogging today because I had to make a trip to the laundromatt and the bank...well, bank first to get $$$ so I could hit the laundromatt. After 3+ years of no washer/dryer in house, I was getting a bit flirtatious with the idea of owning a pair again....until we did a bit of shopping. I wanted Maytag, stackable and front loads....$1200 or more....hello laundromatt. I can live a while longer making the trek. Since it is just dh and me, life is very relaxed. We have plenty of undies, towels, and dishcloths/dishtowels...we can last a good long while under normal circumstances. Today's visit was comforter/duvet trip. Also did a whole load of cloth napkins of all sorts to iron and take to the shop and some vintage tablecloths I will also put in the shop....still have to make a laundry trip for regular clothes-type washing. A visit to the laundromatt is like a trip to another country...literally. Say, Mexico or Nigeria, or some Slavic speaking country....if I were INS I would have a field day as I am sure alot of my fellow laundry workers might be other than legal....but, who can say??? I know I have lived in Cary, NC for 20 years and in the last 8 we sure do have a lot more Hispanics here than ever before. We are quite the international destination...but in the Laundromatt you hardly ever see Indians or Asians (Asians own the laundromatt tho and keep it absolutely spotless, at least to begin with, that is why I like to be there when they first open the doors, it gets pretty messy as the day progresses.) I know they are wondering why I am in there as you hardly, and I mean almost never, see any white folks. I guess I am a rebel at heart!!! Walk on the wild side is my motto....oh, I forgot, it is Taking tea seriously...oh whatever. But, I like the fairness of the laundromatt...if you have dirty laundry and tons of quarters, you are welcome!!!
Grandson Woody is coming over this evening with our daughter Amy. He will be turning 15 the end of this month and I cannot believe how fast this time has flown. I was not even thinking of grandchildren when both our son and daughter announced pending births, and I wondered how I would feel in this new situation. I mean I didn't feel like a grandma. I had not been longing for grandchildren or anything. I had no idea how blessed I was. Isn't that the case sometimes, you just get so darn lucky and with no thought of it at all. Now that I look back, I am so awed by the miracle of those children...all 8 of ours. So when I held Woody for the first time I didn't hear violins playing or angels singing...he was lovely and I loved him. Same with Breana just a few days later. I wanted to squeeze them till they popped! They just got better all the time. Now that I have 4...four...IV....teen grandchildren, well, let's just say they are amazing and gifted and wonderful in every way....but very busy with their lives and I am not a big part of that. It's ok...to everything there is a season.....I love all 8, they are part of me and I won't let them forget it!!!
So, I am making pizza for Woody, well, he will help me make it. They get picky as they get older, and I think he will be happy with pizza. He is in the High School Marching Band, we are so proud. Breana is a varsity cheerleader at her high school and Camryn is cheering for her middle school. Jazmine plays violin at her school orchestra and also is learning guitar, Izzy (Izabella) is in all ag classes for 6th grade!!! wow and I think Bella might make a great politician as she has such firm convictions....Zion is an avid reader for 2nd grade is way beyond his grade level already and a delightful person. Olivia is the sweetest child who is always so good, she and her sister Sophia (who is a bit mischevious....) are both in 5 day preschool and also taking gymnastics! So, there I have caught you up on 8 great kids....LOOK OUT WORLD!
*Shocking photos of our house fire of over 3 years ago and the reason I don't have a w/d is because when we finally moved back into our house, I enjoyed the storage space that happened in the place of where the stackable w/d unit used to "live".


Joyce Mineer said...

Hello my friend. I've been out of the loop for awhile with life and work and too much travel. Where is the new shop going to be? Did I miss that announcement? Or will you be outside at the fairgrounds. Just need to know where to spend my few extra dollars! Hope to see you soon - Thinking of you - Joyce

Cathy said...

I am going to have a space at the "Brew 'n Browse" in Fuquay Varina....perfect name for the shop!

Joyce Mineer said...

How exciting, Cathy! When is opening day and do you have an address so that I can map quest the directions from the house?

Anonymous said...

Cathy Rae, I have spent too much time but enjoyed every minute.
You have done a great job and wish you lots of success.
I must get off and get to my chores.
They seem small compared to yours.
Wish I could come by and see your lovely things. Hope they get good homes.

Much love, MOM

p.s. You are blessed with my great grandchildren.