Monday, September 15, 2008


Good Monday friends!
I feel very proud of myself because I spent 5 NON-STOP hours working on my little area at the consignment shop today!!! Here is how it looked after unloading yesterday (above photo) ^ Below v is another shot of the spot full of boxes! That is what greeted me this morning!

The first thing I did was to begin unpacking the boxes after I dusted and cleaned the two cabinets which hold most of the inventory!

Then, I decided to use some of my teacup tissue left from the Mall shop and lined the back of the kitchen hutch with it...turned out cute! You can see it here below v
Miss Eula sure did enjoy having so much company and she was all smiles while I worked my tail off!!!
I went through every single is for sale to tea shop lady, one is lamps and I need to decide what to do with them and one is full of linens to be put out tomorrow I am sure. I moved Miss Eula out of the space as she was just in the way...sorry and I continued to empty boxes and stack stuff. I am getting the flow of it now and feel much better about how the spot will finally look, PLUS...while emptying a box I found a great menu from a tea class I did years ago and think I will use it to promote more tea classes in the shop...well, not the classes, those would be in homes...but I can advertise in the shop! So now my mind is running on more revenue streams.

My spot ends where you see the tall screens on the right of the cabinet. Someone else rents the space under the window. They rent every bit of space in this place...even book cases and the bathroom.

Kim, one of the owners made up my price tags from a 3pg list I gave her yesterday, but after unloading, I have 3 more pages of inventory...I have yet to tag anything...that is for tomorrow!

When I got ready to leave I wanted to make sure nothing "left" the shop before I had it I swathed every space with fabric and I had made some cute signs to clothspin on the fabric to let people know the space would open soon. I love Alice in Wonderland, so used graphics from that book's illustrations and such, they turned out sooooo cute! Click on the photo to enlarge!
Miss Eula is now on the payroll ... she will hold this sign to let folks know we are on the way!!!

I call the shop "TEA TIME" I like that ...

Good by Miss Eula, hold the fort down, see you tomorrow.....


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