Monday, September 8, 2008

Over my head

Good Monday morning friends,
I am committed to living simply. I am committed to a "NO CLUTTER ZONE" in my home. I am committed to the philosophy of less is some instances....
But I find I am a fraud. (is that how you spell "faker"?)
My intentions are good, really. I am working on getting rid of some stuff, honest. I am overwhelmed. Just beginning to go through the stuff in the storage unit is daunting. Three years ago we put our house on the market (didn't sell) and I filled 12 boxes full of minutia that was just hanging around our home. Things like extra linens of all sorts: sheets, towels, blankets, quilts, a whole tall floor curio cabinet full of "collectables", kitchen items, some great baskets, clothes that I know I will wear when I hem the legs, sew the button, loose 10 lbs. You all know where I am heading...right? So, Paul and I are staging the storage unit for me to be able to access my tea room stuff and in front of all that is all.....this....I am so overwhelmed! (I think I said that already, but it bears repeating) THIS IS GOOD STUFF FRIENDS! I have to get rid of it, I am getting that panicky has got to go. I cannot have a garage sale....I have no garage. Some will find a place in the "shop" I am renting, but some of it is just not right for that space....I will give alot to Sarah! The rest must go to Goodwill I guess, but I cannot keep it much longer or I will implode. I am going to put some stuff on Craig's list.
I got out some of my fall decor items and put up most of my summer stuff. That feels good. I am re-covering the sofa for a nice soft sage green denium for the couch and will re-use the fabric I had on the cushions, they look good together. Still a no-sew, which I love! I will share a photo when I am done.
This post seems a bit choppy and not all that refined or smooth. Guess that I am in a kind of frenzy, unfocused and frantic. Yikes. Scarry. Gotta go toss some stuff and maybe I will feel better.


Zee said...

Hey Cathy,
If you have any things you are looking to give away, I can always use stuff. I am still single and don't have a lot. Let me know if you are willing to let me go through your stash.

Carrie Anne Orlikowski said...


Good luck with the decluttering!! It's a never-ending struggle for me. Let me know if you want to get together for lunch one day (did you get my email?).

Talk to you soon!

Carrie Anne