Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Good Wednesday morning friends,
No, I am not limiting my blog today to just two words, but I had a brainstorm on my way home from working on my booth yesterday and thought this might be a good place to share the thought!
I think I would be correct to assume that what Americans of every ilk and political pursuasion really really want is CHANGE!, right? And if we were all really honest we would have to agree that the election of a President really won't bring about the big CHANGE that we, the people, seem to really desire. I sincerely believe we must change Congress---radically in order to begin to bring about the CHANGE that is desired by one and all. How do we do this?????
Here's where my two words come in:
Think about it. We would have "citizen statesmen/women" not career politicians. We would have people who knew they were returning to the general population in a few short years so they better work hard and not screw it up. We would have true policy making done, not empire building. The "citizen soldier" served America well, still is serving....why not the Citizen Statesman/woman??? I, for one, would love to see some fresh faces and new ideas....I want change!!! Not just lip service and more of the same and no matter how hard they try, the executive branch will be thwarted by the legislative branch as it stands now. Let's see if we can convince more people to demand term limits for congress and see what those career legislators have to say to that kind of CHANGE!!! no pay raises, no huge retirement benefits, no special medical benefits.....just serve and good bye! Stop for a moment and think of this, why the huge outpouring of attention (both positive and negative) on the selection of Gov. Palin for VP on the McCain ticket? Could it be that for one reason she is not a Washington insider? She is a citizen-stateswoman!!! "The elite" are afraid of her because she is one of, maybe you are not a conservative-Christian-woman-mother-Republican...but you are a civilian-person-not on the Federal government payroll-American...and so is she! The first thing I thought about was : "A breath of fresh air". No matter what your leanings are philosophically, religiously, or politically, you have to admit Mrs. Palin is no senator....for me that speaks volumns!!!
say it again:

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Anonymous said...

I applaud your TWO WORDS and only wish it would come to pass.
Maybe there are some others out there that feel as you do and if you got enough of those maybe the day will come when it will come to fruition.
We certainly need people that are thinkers and you are one of them.
Don't ever stop thinking of improvements and having idea's for the betterment of humanity.
This is not because I can claim you as my daughter that I am in awe.
Thanks for my pride in you.