Tuesday, September 11, 2007


I was born after WWII, but have always wondered how it felt to live life during those dramatic days....I have honored Pearl Harbor Day each year, and remembered D-Day as well, just seemed the right thing to do. Having a husband who made a career of serving in the Air Force, helped me to serve as well. I am a patriot. No apology. Might be my Ulster heritage, but I am and have always been a proud American. Six years ago today....wow six years already.....life began as it always had, but changed dramatically before 9am! Things just will never be the same. I have not forgotten, nor will ever forget. It is no small thing to remember..................

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The Celtic Contessa said...

Hi Cathy!

So nice to read your blog! I hope all goes well with the house/that someone will walk in your front door and start dreaming about what their lives could be. I know you and Paul and the kids have had some wonderful memories in that house! Hope the new family knows how to decorate as nice at Christmastime as you do!

Best wishes,