Monday, September 10, 2007

Good Monday!

This is a shot of where my cute crow is living right now on the entry-way table

A wider shot of the entryway of our home. See the Cute Crow?

Close-up of crow on neat white pumpkin.....remember shopping on Friday???

Another shot of cute crow on her pumpkin!

Hello everyone! This is the crow! I am still trying to figure out how to do the photos....they did not upload in the right order, sorry.

It is Monday, I have some photos to share. I promised photos of the cute crow...she must have a name, if you have a suggestion, please share! So, this morning I also made some great items to give away at my Tea Spa this weekend! I used our Lavender Herbal Tisane....and Chamomile to make two wonderful bath products. Packaging is a bit sketchy as I wanted to use what I already have on hand and some of my stuff is in storage while the house is on the market, soooooo I used sandwich baggies, but have cute cute tags and inside is great and that's what counts! First CUTE CROW PHOTOS.......
I am going to start fresh with the photos of the spa goodies.....

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missmari said...

Dear Cuz, You are on a roll! I love your why not call her Ravenette? I know so obvious, and she is not a raven. Ok, Ok, Joan Crowford would work too. The weather here in Emporia is wonderful,my type weather. Cool, cloudy, rainy, drizzly you get the picture. Perfect day for making a soup, bread and reading books! Yes, of course having a spot of wonderful tea too.

I bought one of those tea basket thingies. Whatever you had at your mother's house for the loose tea. Got it at the Farmer's Market in KC in the Middle Eastern Kasbah? Along with some wonderful dates, organic, and Fava Beans and pistachios!

I am doing a cleaning out of a sort in this house. Trying to simplify our stuff too. BUT I have too much stuff of mother and dad's I just can't get rid of yet. Along with lots of photo's and info on our families.

Ok, Rob is getting hungry so I had best get a move on and finish up dinner. I went to my Gastro today....unless something happens again and I get another infection I am good to go for another year.

Take Care,