Thursday, September 20, 2007

I had a tea room in Durham....

I love the opening line from Out of Africa...."I had a farm in Africa...." it is so haunting, so that is how I feel about my tea room. Actually, it was a real tea shop! I sold over 90 loose-leaf teas and tisanes, all types of tea wares, offered instruction and education on all topics concerning TEA. It was pure heaven. I was in charge, the boss lady, made all decisions, crafted all visions, it was awesome and wonderful. Decided to leave the mall for many good reasons but not because they (the Mall) were anything but grand to me, really, just thought it was time to change venue. Packed up, stored the entire shop, and was waiting for the new location to become ready for me to move in....never happened. So, Allmytea waits in a storage location....for the past two years! What should I do???? I would love for some tea-shop in progress to buy the entire contents...such great "stuff". Friends keep hoping I will open again somewhere else...that is pretty close to impossible....BUT, who knows what the future holds? I am open to anything and wait for God's leading as I know He knows.

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