Friday, September 21, 2007

Another FRIDAY!!!

Hi Everyone,
Today, I have tons of errands and then....I'm gonna have lunch with my friend Mary! That is smiling Mary in the photo. Mary is also my one and only stock holder! She has been a steadfast and true friend during most of my tea adventures and has been there to make sandwiches, load vans, unload vans, make apple smiles, serve tea....anywhere anytime.....taster of unusual concoctions and level headed thinker!!! I am so very blessed to know her and look forward to a fun time today!!! She is also the very famous "Miss Mary" storytime star!!! (the other ladies in the photo are also dear sweet friends, Linda and Sally. They had just helped me serve a huge tea at the Mall....over 400 in attendance....TEA FOR 400...............THAT WAS A BIG DEAL!
Well, I have my list of "todos" that's to do, not spanish. (ahem). Will have much to share I bet when next I post. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

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