Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Hi everyone,
Bet that got your attention! Well, I want to comment here after reading some other blogs. Now, must first say that I enjoy these ladies blogs, love their talent and enthusiasm, covet their goodies sometimes even.....but I am getting a bit tired of folks who make comments on one side of the issue that get people all polarized. I mean, who is really for war???? Come on. And knocking President Bush has become a legitimate hobby for folks out there. Come on. I cannot keep silent on this one. I will never believe President Bush orchestrated the attack of 9/11. I must continue to trust our leadership....be they Democrat or Republican. I still believe we are the good guys. I will not become a cynic. I am old enough to remember Vietnam...as a matter of fact my husband's military career spans the Viet Nam era to the end of the Cold War. I have friends and family who fought and died in Viet Nam. I have a patriot in my family who fought in the Revolution too....you know, back then there were lots of people who thought those "patriots" were subversive and evil.....Time will tell, history will show, our great grandchildren will judge the outcome of this battle for freedom....I just hope they are "free" to make that judgment!
This is a free country.....contrary to some people's opinion....and everyone is entitled to their beliefs and can freely express them. So be it, so have I, AMEN
Now, if you disagree, that is great. Get your own blog, make your thoughts known! Don't tell me, it won't make any difference as I am steadfast. You should be too.
Wow, this was a serious blog today and I am sorry for the detour. I had seen several comments on other blogs, and rather than dispute them on their own blog, I decided to be heard on my own site and well....leave them to their opinions and not argue. I do not like arguing. Really.

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