Thursday, September 6, 2007

Day two of my blog-life

Good Thursday morning friends!
My dance card is rather full today as this is my first meeting with a GASTROENTEROLOGIST! I have no idea why I am nice gp...Dr. Zhang, who is Chinese and I love dearly, but cannot understand most of the time .... has referred me to Dr Tip....I think that is his I am off to meet with him. If I can't understand him, I am outta there, sorry. But, I will give him a chance. Will let you know how this goes.
I will come back home and begin experimenting with making some tea-related items for a Tea Spa presentation I am doing next Saturday! Will try to upload some photos....big big deal for me!
Finally, will go to our eldest grand's baseball game. Woody is playing "fall ball" and we are committed fans!!!
Also today is our dear granddaughter Jazmine Sky-Breen Chesson's 12th birthday!!! Happy Bday J-bird, we love you.
More later...
tts (taking tea seriously)

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Zee said...

I tried to email you to setup a tea party but it bounced back. Do you have a new email address?