Thursday, September 6, 2007


Well, Dr. Pai is very understandable and I will give him a try! I go for some blood work tomorrow....then maybe a genetic marker test...whatever that is....more blood he says. I HATE having blood drawn, boy do I hate that. If, I have this genetic "disease" of high iron...the treatment is to have lots of blood drawn about every 3 months. isn't that ironic??? Course, he has alot of other "tests" he will want to run, yada, yada, yada. I told him quite frankly, I am heading into my 60s, my kids are grown and I feel great, if something is wrong with me and I have symptoms of any kind I will deal with that...BUT I am not going to go hunting for something. He kinda said "I see", then proceeded to say we might need to get a liver biopsy! (forget that one!) I am no poster child for the AMA that is for sure. He mentioned the big C (colonoscopy...sp), but I let that slide too. Oh, I guess I did pretty well on my first adventure in "Gastro-land". No photos....not much to see but big, huge, gigantic posters of innards.

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missmari said...

Hi Cuz,
Come on, the colonoscopy is a sleep through it. I know you are not looking for trouble, but then trouble can find you easily if you don't take care.

Love you,