Friday, September 7, 2007

Friday Fun

Hi Everyone!

Well, I did very good all week long....spent absolutely NO MONEY, that is thrilling to me, honestly, I used to love, I mean love, to shop! Oh, I'd buy just a very little of this and that (which mounts up, believe me), but shopping was therapy. I have been trying to turn my life around, change my habits and live more simply. We had a fire in March of 2005 on Arrowhead way..... Photo on top is a view from my office ceiling into the attic and photo below is a view of "stuff" from the attic the firemen threw out the upstairs windows during the fire! Well....long story short.....we got rid of alot of things you might say "the easy way".....Just became the movitator and wake up call for me particularly, to stop acquiring stuff, slow down, and simplify my life. Changing your lifestyle is not easy! On the other hand, I have acquired new skills, new goals, new priorities and new routines. I highly recommend trying the simple life, even one step at a time, is a beginning.
Back to Friday....I did shop a bit today....a trip to SuperTarget and Michael's is like cheap wine for a drunk.....terrible temptation.........I was on a mission, to buy an eye dropper. Just $60 later, I had that dropper and also two white artificial pumpkins, a fake crow, some glitter, a cupcake decorating kit and two kinds of cupcake papers, a die for my die cut machine to make tags, and a couple of fall plastic folage picks I bad? But wait, that was just Michael' SuperTarget my item to buy was epsom 4 one half gallons of es....then got Fiona's dog treats, 3 magazines, olive oil, a way cool wreath stand (the big purchase) and a little plastic purse full of cute buttons! Ah, that is my fix for a couple of weeks now! I needed the epsom salts for the Tea Spa I am doing and also the dropper....the rest was for getting into the swing of autumn! That fake crow is darling! I will take a photo and show you....tomorrow....
So, I am a backslider. Oh, I did buy a great huge orange plastic storage container with a black lid to put all this autumnal accumilation into when the Christmas decor goes up!
Met an instant friend while in Michaels, after over an hour of chatting, we had to part because Fiona was ready to be picked up at the "beauty shop". Her name is Cheryl, will probably never see her again, but she was lovely and we hit it off! At least, I think we did, but maybe she was just very polite, whatever, it was fun to chat about this and that. We got to talking about American Girl dolls and that led to....well just about everything. I have no secrets...she even knows about "Gastro-land".................Oh my, I bet she thinks I am a nut case. Maybe I am. She did tell me about her mother-in-law, so feel we are on level ground. Perhaps we are both nuts, I am happy with that.
Have a wonderful Friday night.

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