Sunday, September 23, 2007

Wedding *STARS*

The Beautiful Bride!

Izabella sings "Carried Away"

Jazmine and Woody play Amazing Grace with Zion holding their music

Izabella blew everyone away with her wonderful voice and poise as she sang to the large audience in the wedding

Woody is growing into a handsome young man and is just as kind and sweet as he is good looking

Beautiful Jazmine
So, the wedding was lovely and very nicely done. Brandye and her groom Kyle are extra wonderful people full of love, talent, joy, and creativity, they made this their special day and we all benefited from being there! Brandye entered the ceremony to the classic song "At Last" it was too cool. Course, our talented grandchildren added a touch of whimsy and sweetness too, in my not so humble opinion. (smile)
So, the bride and groom are heading to Texas to live happily ever after. We are sorry to see them leave as Brandye was part of our family and we will miss her, but we are so very happy for them both as not a nicer or more perfect couple exsists! Mozel Tov dear friends!

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The Celtic Contessa said...

Hi Cathy! How exciting to see the musical instruments the children are playing and hearing about Jazmine's beautiful rendition. I love the song, "At Last", too!

Keep writing!