Thursday, September 13, 2007

Can you believe it is Thursday already???

Hello everyone, I am thinking all day it must be Wish I had a photo because I think it is so nice to see something...but alas, I don't have one for today, maybe tomorrow. I am meeting up with my Flylady buds for a quick lunch at Applebees at noonish Friday. Do you know about Flylady? Check out her link here I am a huge fan and love all she has to say about getting your act together! One of the best quotes I have ever heard came from a Friendship Bible Study I did maybe 25 years ago...goes like this "Knowledge without application is bondage". Isn't that great? Think about it....we KNOW what to do, but we don't DO IT. We are "bound" in a cycle of defeat. So, as NIke says "Just do it". (I know, easier said than done, but do it anyway!) Today was nice. Someone came to look at the house...we have had it on the market for 2 whole months now....just waiting for the person who is supposed to have this little home. We would like to move on with our lives a bit so hope they find this "dream house" soon.
Finished Mary Kay Andrews' book Savanah Blue, a fun read. What I like about my life now is I have time to read, it is great. I have Mary Higgins Clark's I heard that Song Before to read next. Maybe will treat myself to a m ovie tomorrow, would love to see Being Jane that it? well off for now...

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Joyce said...

Miss Cathy,
Loved it! I will be at least a weekly reader of your online journal. Isn't technology great?! I'm loving your homemade bath spa treatment concoctions. We're having a mother-daughter luncheon at church at the end of the month and these would be lovely giveaways! Could you please share the amount of each ingredient needed to make one tub full of bliss? And where's the best place to get the fresh lavendar and oils? Sorry, never shopped for that sort of stuff! Oh, and LOVE the crow!!! Can't wait to see you again and I hope the doctors visit goes well!
xo - Joyce Mineer :)