Saturday, September 15, 2007

Where did Friday go?

My daughter Sarah

Hi all,

Friday was a "change of plans" kinda day....I had planned on having lunch with my Flybaby friends, but my youngest daughter, Sarah, called (something she doesen't do often) and wanted to hang out a bit, so of course, I changed my plans for the day! We had a nice visit, lunch at Panera Bread then she was off to pick up her children from school early so they could head out to the mountains for a weekend family-type getaway! Sounds good to me!

So now it is SATURDAY! I am off to do a Tea Spa! Will let you know how it goes. Maybe they will let me take some photos for the blog???

I will let you know how it goes.




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missmari said...

Hi Cuz,
Well that looked like a lot of fun! Wish I could have attended! You are into so many different activities it seems. And you are so happy being in them it looks like too and that is important. I had written more earlier but forgot my password and had to start all over. One day the memory will jive with the brain I hope.
Sarah looks good! Seems as if only yesterday we were laying under trees watching clouds go by and dreaming of our special guy. Time flies when you least expect it.
I have been going through "stuff" and getting rid of what I have to and some of what I really don't because I know I will need it next month or so, but oh well. I can do without..just not do without books. I just finished reading all of J A Jance's Joanna Brady series and really love them. She is a sheriff in Brisbee AZ. Good series and well written.
Ok, need to get on the ball. PC guy was here all morning fixing a problem I had and next week will be installing an external hard drive and upgrading me to Window's Vista along with several other programs I really love.
I like your blog!